What You Need to Know About Vision Insurance

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What You Need to Know About Vision Insurance

According to WebMD, the eyes are the most developed sensory organs in your body. Interestingly, they report more of your brain is dedicated to sense of sight than to all of the other senses combined. So, it makes sense that you would do all you can to protect and care for these vital organs. 


Often folks will question if vision plans are worth the money. And indeed they are! Vision insurance can be an excellent asset to keep your eyes happy and healthy. Allow us to illuminate what vision insurance is, how it works and how you can benefit from having a great vision plan. 


What is vision insurance?

Vision insurance is an insurance product used to reduce the costs of eye-related care, eye products, and eye surgeries. Group vision plans are supplemented through vision insurance companies and typically purchased through employers, associations, or government programs like Medicare or Medicaid.  Sometimes, vision plans are part of a value-added benefit that is linked to the subscriber’s health insurance. Plan subscribers usually receive free eye care, like annual eye exams, and a fixed discount on eyewear in exchange for a monthly premium. This type of coverage is recommended for people who need vision correction devices, who have a family history of eye issues, or for those who have a higher risk of eye disease, like diabetics.


What is a vision discount program?

Different from vision insurance, a vision discount program gives users discounts on eye exam services and products. The monthly premium is lower for discount programs but does not generally include free annual eye exams like vision insurance does. When the user buys into the discount program, they become a member of a large group for whom the program administrators have negotiated lower costs. Discount vision programs are most useful for those without pre-existing eye conditions.


What are the benefits of having vision coverage?

As mentioned, your eyes are the most complex sensory organ in your body. Because of this, they are important to keep healthy and in good condition. Vision insurance coverage allows customers to have annual eye exams and other services available to them at generally lower costs. At these types of vision exams, the optometrist determines if you need corrective lenses to improve your eyesight by means of glasses or contact lenses. The doctor will also check for eye diseases. Exams can even detect hidden medical conditions like brain tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, or thyroid disease. If a medical condition is detected, the optometrist will refer the patient to a medical doctor for further tests and treatment. 


When it comes down to it, affordable vision insurance and discount programs play a huge part in keeping your eyes healthy. Through regular eye exams, not only are your eyes evaluated, but the health of the rest of your body is, too. By scheduling eye exams, you are also able to obtain corrective eye wear that allow you to see clearer and without eye strain. Healthy vision is a benefit you don’t want to lose!


For more information about how you can buy vision insurance through an individual plan or the best Medicare plans for your vision needs, request a quote through Plans Plus Benefits today. We’re happy to help answer any questions you might have. Reach out to us, and we’ll see how we can best serve you. 


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